Bushrangers – Bold Jack Donahue
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Bushrangers – Bold Jack Donahue

Bushrangers – Bold Jack Donahue


Bold Jack Donahue (The Wild Colonial Boy)

An orphan, born in Dublin in 1804, Jack was transported to Australia in 1825. He escaped from the prison farm and started bushranging. He was captured and escaped again when he joined with a group of 10 or so men called the Wild Colonial Boys.

On the 1st September 1830, Jack was shot dead by a soldier, John Muckleston, in a shootout between bushrangers and troops in Bringelly, NSW. A commemorative pipe was made depicting Jack’s head complete with bullet holes. This pipe was smoked by people in Sydney.

Donahue was immortalised in the ballad ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’ which authorities tried to ban.

“I’ll fight but not surrender till I die, cried the Wild Colonial Boy.”