NCIGTAB - Alexander Fitzpatrick - Russell James
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NCIGTAB – Alexander Fitzpatrick

Project Details

Illustration for the ebook - Non-Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to Australian Bushrangers

About This Project

Alexander Fitzpatrick, police constable. On 15 April 1878, Fitzpatrick visited the Kelly household whilst drunk and made a pass at Kate Kelly, resulting in her family coming to her assistance. Ellen Kelly, her sister, struck him with a fire shovel, Dan Kelly had beaten him and Ned had attempted to shoot him. Fitzpatrick returned to the police station and reported the attack which resulted in Ellen receiving a long gaol sentence and Dan and Ned fleeing into the Wombat ranges. Part of the Non-Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to Australian Bushrangers. Ebook available for purchase for $1 (or more) USD!

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